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Here I will post a bunch of images, videos, research, thoughts and reflections on my development as a 3D and visual effects artist/animator. Please check out my work and let me know if you’re keen to offer me a job!

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Final Showreel Piece

This is the final showreel piece titled ‘Nomad’ by Gemma Cuneo (2nd year of study at DCE3D in 2011)

The final ‘Vince’ animation

Here is the final animated piece created by Bryn Desmond-Jones after studying at DCE 3D for 1 year back in 2009.

Texturing the monkey

Modelling Vince

After the character concept and design stages, Bryn created orthographic views of Vince the monkey and used them to model the character in Maya

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Character concepts – Vince the monkey

Here are a few of the original concept and research drawings of monkeys. They were done by Bryn Desmond-Jones back in 2009 in first year

Wireframe PDF

Here is a PDF of a wireframe of a bird that Lewes worked on last year


Some animation

here is a robot character, modeled and animated by Ketan Chauhan, I pasted the link from you-tube on a separate line in this blog post and wordpress.com takes care of the rest

My original sketches

Actually, the below sketch is by Veedo accessed at http://www.gameartisans.org/forums/showthread.php?t=1966 where Veedo writes:

The concept is that this robot is from a pre-apocalyptic world and has been found by one of the denizens of the new, harsher world… The robot’s main energy source, nuclear power, is no longer availble, so the new inhabitant has tweaked the robot and completely changed it in some respects, to work with Hydrolic power…

The legs are “blades” like those amputees use to sprint/walk in the paralympics but have hydrolic upper leg parts and knee parts to provide the extra ‘kick’ it needs. The robot is meant to be a very run down and patched model (that was mostly why i drew that funky arm).

Those things that look like swords/spikes are actually continuations of the limbs, to let the limbs slide forward in a shooting motion with hydrolic power, and they double as weapons when the arms are inverted.


This is my Concept art

What an awesome drawing this is. Actually it was done by Rune Mansson, accessed at http://www.maans.dk/art.asp?action=2d&page=detail&id=12

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